Random facts about the English language

Did you know that Shakespeare invented the word lackluster? No, me neither. In 2014 The Huffington Post published a list of random facts about the English language. Here is a selection of obscure words and definitions I learned, some of which are pretty useful!

To unhappen something means to make it look like it never took place.
If something is obliviable then it’s able to be forgotten.
To jakes is to walk mud into a house.
To honeyfuggle someone is to trick or deceive them.
A toot-moot is a conversation carried out entirely in whispers.
A group of dragonflies is called a dazzle.
To metagrobolize someone is to utterly confuse them.
Turning down or pretending not to be interested in something that you really want is called accismus.
As a verb, tiger means “to paint something in stripes of contrasting colors.”
Hypengophobia is the hatred of having responsibilities.
Using too many words to explain an otherwise straightforward point is called macrology.
To snirtle is to try to suppress a laugh.
An autohagiography is an autobiography that makes the subject appear better than they actually are.

You can see the remaining 86 here. Enjoy the read!

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