British English is my mother tongue and I speak and write Danish fluently and German to a very high standard. I also have a working knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian. I have completed English language work for clients whose mother tongue is British English, Indian English, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, German, Chinese among others.


When proofreading English language texts, I review a text carefully in order to detect and correct any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar. The service may also include checking different elements of a layout such as headlines, paragraphs, illustrations, and colors and so forth, if required.

*RATES: 400 DKK per hour (minimum fee of 800 DKK)


When language editing text written in English, I improve the accuracy of the language used, and also the flow and overall readability of the content in addition to proofreading. I both make changes to the text itself and give comments with suggestions and queries in order to ensure that the correct meanings are conveyed.

In general, if the piece is very well written, one round of editing should be sufficient. If many changes are needed, I suggest an additional round of proofreading once you have accepted or rejected the changes made during the language editing.

*RATES: 0.60 DKK per word (discounted rates for texts over 10,000 words; minimum fee 1000kr)


I have professional experience with Danish-English and German-English translation, and can offer Turkish-English and English-Turkish through a third party.

*RATES: Negotiable


I have professional experience teaching academic writing to Bachelor, Master’s and PhD students in the social and natural sciences as well as in the field of technology. With this service, I center the guidance on the client’s actual written work, thus ensuring targeted learning. I offer:

  1. written guidance in the form of in-text comments, rules and guidance regarding style and grammar
  2. written guidance followed by a Skype lesson to discuss the different elements of the text

*RATES: 400 DKK per hour (minimum fee of 800 DKK) + VAT (moms)


I have professional experience in writing essays, academic articles, research reports and applications, and travel writing in English. I am also a keen blogger and write poetry for myself.  Get in touch, tell me what you need; I shall evaluate the project and give you an honest response.

*RATES: Negotiable

* All rates are excluding 25% VAT for clients in Denmark.
* Reduced rates will be negotiated for all services for self-financed students and small non-profit organizations