the blog
I started this blog not (solely) to air my personal views about different global issues but rather to inspire thought and critical thinking, share information, articles, comments and … recipes. I enjoy writing of different sorts and I had been wanting to do something with food for a long time, so I decided to combine the two. After many months of silence, I have decided to re-launch the page, this time focusing solely on food topics, and inviting my foody friends to post as well. I hope you enjoy the concept!

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience" said James Beard … well, it should be! In the world we live in experiences with food are largely contingent on one's income, but this does not necessarily mean that rich or at least more wealthy people eat well. One tactic for eating a healthier diet comes from Michael Pollan (he has many good tips!):

"whatever you eat, cook it yourself"

The second tip comes from me. In Denmark there is a bit of an organic craze. Consequently the supermarkets are pretty full of organic options which makes it easy to shop organic, and that the price difference is not as great as it is in other countries. I don't believe it is healthy for one's mind to be obsessed with eating organic food, but I do advise

"if you can buy organic, then do"

Even with organic food, the organicness can be questionable, the packaging may be environmentally disasterous and so forth, but it will always be better for your body than the non-organic option.