Dual Citizenship in Denmark and Europe  

On 18 December 2014 the Danish parliament agreed on new rules regarding dual citizenship. Next week, on 1 September 2015, Danish people and many others in the international community will be celebrating a new law on dual citizenship coming into force.

Danes will now be able to acquire a second passport without having to renounce their Danish one, and foreigners will be able to become ‘naturalized’ in Denmark without having to renounce their citizenship. Danish citizens who acquired a new nationality before 1 September 2015, however, will only be given a window of five years to apply to regain their Danish citizenship.

The rules and regulations regarding dual citizenship or dual nationality, and the exceptions to them, vary immensely around the world. With this period of time being referred to as the Age of Migration by social scientists, it is perhaps no wonder that more and more countries whether officially or unofficially are moving in the same direction as Denmark. Here are some details you may or may not know about a selection of other countries in Europe:

  • Austria is the only country in Europe that operates an economic citizenship program which effectively allows (multi) millionaires to purchase their citizenship through investment in Austria. The investor must also make other contributions such as bring new technologies to the country or create jobs.

  • Luxembourg is the only country in Europe that entirely disallows multiple citizenships.

  • Similar to Luxembourg, the Netherlands forbids its citizens from obtaining another citizenship, however exceptions are made for it ‘subjects’ in the Dutch Antilles.

  • Estonian citizenship that is acquired at birth and cannot be taken away. However, if naturalized citizens obtain another citizenship after naturalization they lose their Estonian citizenship.

The official party celebrating the new law  is being organized by Danes Worldwide, which has been one of the most active groups in the campaign for dual citizenship. The event will take place on 1 September at Pressen in Politikens Hus at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. The program will include a speech by the incumbent Minister of Culture and the Church, Bertel Haarder, a jazz performance by Morten Vestergaards Jazz Trio, a performance by Denmark’s new soul talent’ Patrick Dorgan (yes, Irish roots!), and the winner of this year’s World-Dane award will be announced. See the full line-up here.

Congratulations & enjoy the party! 

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