Acquiring local knowledge in Denmark

Remember that most Danes speak English, and many of them speak it extremely well. Do not feel inhibited because your Danish is basic or non-existent! My advice if you need to know something about living here … ask a Dane as well as asking your fellow foreign friends. There is nothing as valuable as local insider knowledge, and very often a Dane’s experience and knowledge will be different to your non-Danish friend’s.

Kvinfo, the Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Diversity, has a fantastic mentor network that offers a unique opportunity to meet some Danes and benefit from their guidance and advice.

Meet the Danes is a great initiative where you can go and have dinner with some Danish people and get a taste of how they experience life in Denmark. If you are lucky, your host may end up being a friend for life.

Copenhagen Host Program brings newcomers to Copenhagen together with Danish volunteers. Choose between a ‘Culture’ host and a ‘Career’ host. The Facebook page is also a great place to keep up with what is happening in English in the city.

The easiest way to meet Danes is to make use of local sports centres, churches and community halls. Churches often have free events and classes (I used to go to a regular free yoga class instructed by an American in a church hall nearby). Even if everything is in Danish, people will be able to speak English. On the majority of occasions it will be you who has to strike up conversation, but most Danes are extremely receptive and open to a chat.

Good luck!