Living matters in a globalized world


Global Europeans makes living easier for you who live and work internationally by providing these targeted services:
English Language

Proofreading, language checking, translation and writing services. Work with academic writing, travel writing and other commercial content.


Market research, scientific research and qualitative analysis. Areas of expertise include migration & mobility, social exclusion, social policy, intercultural affairs, growth economies, globalization & citizenship. Regional expertise: the Nordic region, UK and Asia.


Practical help for foreigners in Denmark. I fill in the gaps left behind by your relocation agent, employer and the authorities. Aimed at migrants (new & old) who can communicate using basic English, German, Spanish, French or Italian.


Making living and working across borders easier

Life in contemporary society is so complex and very often so busy that occasionally living gets sidelined. The ultimate goal of Global Europeans is to make the lives of international people, organizations and companies easier by providing language, research and relocation services.

Global Europeans was originally a platform for communicating my PhD project, which focused on the lives of Danish and Finnish temporary migrants in India. After finishing in June 2015, I decided to re-invent Global Europeans and pursue an independent career doing the work that I enjoy.

The images used on the site are my own or they have been sourced from Unsplash and IconArchive.

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The team is you and me.
Nicol Foulkes Savinetti
Doctor of Social Science


British citizen, resident in Denmark for sixteen years and have also lived in Germany, Spain, Australia and Finland for different periods. Have traveled extensively worldwide but still have so much to see and experience!

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